Get projects done in hours, not weeks or months. No longer do you have to play by the rules of traditional manufacturing. FDM printing will allow you and your design team the flexibility needed to create cutting edge products in record time.  To benefit most from rapid prototyping use it early and use it often. “Bullet-proof” your design by catching mistakes in the design’s infancy, when it’s cheaper to fix, rather than finding out after tooling has been ordered-Ouch!  Go ahead, be creative and explore those alternative designs you were considering. Even after the initial prototyping phase benefits from FDM can still be gained. Design custom tooling to manufacture your product then print the tooling to assist in its assembly. At Coho Designs we’ve mastered the art of 3-D printing so you don’t have to that’s why we print products 24-7-365, imagine the possibilities…



How does Coho Designs 3-D printing process work?…


Its simple just follow the 3 step process below


Step 1: Design

We help you take your idea and turn it into a 3-d computer model employing state of the art SolidWorks design software.  You have your own 3-d modeling software and computer model? No problem, we can 3D print that too!

Step 2: Convert

Once the geometry of the 3-d model has been approved by the customer Coho Designs will convert the native SolidWorks file to a .STL file in preparation for 3-d printing.  Once again, if you have your own 3-d file, in any format outside of SolidWorks, save in the STEP or PARASOLID file format and we will convert it to a .STL file for 3-d printing.  Otherwise, send us your native Solidworks file and we will print that too!  To get a personal quote upload your 3-D files to our site by clicking the “Request a quote & Upload files” button below.  Please fill out the form with quantity and lead time desired as well as your contact information.  We will get back with you in less than 24 hours (usually same business day).

Step 3: Print

Using one of our 3-d printers we will prototype your part on site and ship your parts directly to you.


Request A Quote & Upload Files

Examples of our work:


What Can Rapid Prototyping Do For Your Business?

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