Did you know that Product Development starts with a perception of opportunity?

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Don’t let this opportunity go to waste by taking too long to get to market. Wasting time is expensive and kills momentum. Leverage our decades of experience in a multitude of industry’s to your advantage. We design products all day, every day for real world applications. Our skilled engineers and designers will work with you and your team to identify your customers needs, identify product specifications, and generate cutting edge design concepts.

How do we do it?

Each and every project starts with an allocation of resources and time.  From here, a custom team is established that has the knowledge and experience to solve the unique issues of your project.

After careful evaluation, the team brainstorms and generates ideas, prioritizing concepts based on key business goals, target market parameters, as well as project assumptions and constraints.  From this information, hand sketches and 3-D models are created of the initial design concepts. It is at this point that the product starts to take shape.  Usually, to mitigate program risk,  multiple concepts are developed in parallel for further examination by the team.  The designs, from the parallel effort, are organized into groups and evaluated based on there merits of addressing key parameters.  Key parameters include, ease of prototyping, ease of manufacturing, cost, performance, safety issues, ergonomics, aesthetics, product differentiation etc.  Usually two or three design iterations are down selected for further study.  Detail designs are created and prototyped.  From these prototypes, the final design emerges.  This design is presented to the customer for final evaluation.  Upon customer approval, monodetailed 2-D drawings are created for part fabrication as well as sub-assembly and assembly drawings.  Assembly drawings typically show the product as assembled and in exploded view with a corresponding BOM (Bill of Materials). Manufacturing companies are selected. Quotes are generated and parts are delivered for initial product testing.  Product testing identifies areas of opportunity as well as areas for further design optimization.

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